Stuart is the longest established Pawnbroker in Chesterfield, having been a member of the National Pawnbroking Association since 1994. We offer an easy, convienient and widely trusted service, that is hard to beat.
We buy and lend against:
Prestige watches
How it works:
Pawnbroking is a quick, easy and safe way to borrow cash against your valuable items, which requires no credit checks or lengthy form filling. 
When you pawn your valuables, you are simply turning them back into cash temporarily. In effect, you are borrowing from yourself. So no credit checks are neccessary. At Stuart Bradley's we like to make it simple and easy as possible, so all that you need to do is:
  1. Bring your items in, along with two valid forms of identification confirming your name and address, eg. driving licence, utility bill, bank statement (less than three months old), and we will give you an on-the-spot loan offer based on the current market value. 
  2. You will then have the opportunity to accept or decline the offer. 
  3. If you choose to accept, you will sign an agreement which details your rights and protection under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the terms and conditions of the loan. You will also receive a pawn-receipt for presentation when redeeming your items.
  4. You will instantly recieve the agreed sum in cash. 
  5. The contract lasts six months, however you can redeem your items at any time within this period (bringing cash and your reciept on collection). The earier you repay the loan, the less interest you will have to pay. 
To enquire about current interest rates please contact us. 
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Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Consumer Credit
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