With our in house valuation service we can provide an itemised valuation certificate for your precious items, it is very important to value your jewellery accurately to make sure you’re not under or over insured.
From wedding rings and engagement rings to watches and heirlooms – many of us have items of significant value that could be hard or costly to replace.
Whether it’s worth £50 or £50,000 it is important that you have the correct level of cover in place for your property.  Jewellery can add up surprisingly quickly and often exceeds the standard allowance most insurance policies will cover and you don't want to be left unable to replace your jewellery if you need to make a claim.
How to get the best from your insurance
When you’re looking for a contents insurance policy, you will be asked to give the total value of the items in your home, should they need to be replaced at today's prices, not when you received or purchased them, bearing this in mind, most insurance providers recommend having your jewellery appraised every three years to have the correct cover in place for your needs, each policy will vary, so it’s important you check with your provider to make sure you have adequate cover in place.
There's usually a maximum amount that your insurer will cover up to for an individual item. For example, if the limit on your policy is £1,000 per item you won’t be able to claim more than that amount for one item, unless it is listed individually on your policy.
  1. Have items valued every three years
  2. Keep up to date records with photos, kept seperate from your items
  3. Inform insurance of higher value items to be covered seperately
  4. Know the terms of your insurance, what does it cover
  5. Check that your items are covered when away from your home
  6. Remember to add up all items when renewing your policy to avoid under or over insuring