September - Sapphire


The perfect gift for anyone born during September and for 45th wedding anniversaries.  Sapphires can be worn by anyone but are especially suited to those with a cool skin tone, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Sapphire is particularly stunning when set in white metals such as Platinum or White Gold but can also be striking when set with Yellow Gold.


Known as the Gem of Autumn, the most popular and widely recognised Sapphire is deep blue in colour but Sapphires can also be found in all other colours except for red.  


Kings of the Orient wore Sapphires around their necks to protect from harm, ancient priests and sorcerers used Sapphires to help them foretell the future.  It is thought that Sapphires would lose their lustre if worn by someone wicked or impure.

Symbolism & Healing Powers

Sapphire is thought to be a symbol of serenity, health, faith, good fortune and bringer of luck.  Sapphires are thought to prevent thoughts of jealousy , bring clearer vision and assist in the flow of blood through the veins.

Where it's Found

Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Burma, Kashmir, Thailand, Nigeria, Australia, Kenya, China, USA and Tanzania.

The worlds largest Sapphire is thought to be a Blue Star Sapphire found in Sri Lanka, the egg shaped stone weighs 1,404.49 carats and is estimated to be worth over $300 million.

Famous Gemstones

One of the most famous Sapphires is the engagement ring given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles in 1981, it contains a 12 Carat Blue Ceylon Sapphire stone surrounded by 14 Solitaire Diamonds, the ring was later given to Kate Middleton by Prince William upon their engagement in 2010.


1. Whenever possible put your Sapphire jewellery on after applying any lotions, perfumes or sprays.

2. To prevent dullness clean your Sapphire jewellery using jewellery cleaner or mild soap and warm water, scrub with a soft toothbrush, rinse in warm water and dry using a soft cloth.