July - Ruby


The perfect gift for anyone born in July, Rubies can be worn by anyone but are especially suited to people with cool skin tones and brunette hair.

Rubies look beautiful set with both Yellow and White Metals and can be worn for casual every day wear or for more formal occasions.


Ruby is a vivid red colour which has very faint undertones of Blue or Purple.  Almost all Rubies are heat treated, this improves their colour and appearance.  Ruby is known as 'Lord of the gems' due to its' rare beauty.


The name Ruby is derived from the Latin word 'Tuber' which means red.  Ruby is the gem of passion and during the middle ages was the stone most closely associated with weddings as it was thought that Rubies had an inner flame which burns for all eternity.

Symbolism and Healing Powers

Rubies symbolise passion and are thought to promote lasting contentment in marriage, give peace and harmony and protect the wearer from the perils of war.  Rubies are also thought to stimulate positivity of the mind and to recharge energy levels.

Where It's Found

Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, Vietnam, Kenya, Cambodia, Tanzania, India and Afganistan.

One of the worlds largest and finest Ruby gemstones can be found in The Smithsonian National Museum in Washington DC, it is a 23.1 carat (4.62g) Burmese Ruby, it was donated by businessman Peter Buck in memory of his late wife Carmen Lucia.


1.  Whenever possible put your Ruby jewellery on after applying any lotions, perfumes and sprays.

2.  To prevent dullness clean your Ruby jewellery using jewellery cleaner, scrub with a toothbrush, rinse in warm water and dry using a soft cloth.