August - Peridot


The perfect gift for anyone born in August, Peridot can be worn by anyone but is especially suited to those with warm skin tones, Hazel, Green or Grey eyes and with warm blonde to light brown hair.

Peridot can be set in both White and Yellow metals and is particularly stunning when set in Yellow Gold.


Peridot is a bright Lime Green in colour and was historically known as Olivine.  Peridot can be mistaken for Emerald and was often called 'evening emeralds' by Romans due to the way they reflected lamplight.


Peridot was originally mined for Egyptian Kings on St Johns Island in The Red Sea in 1,500 BC, it is the national gem of Egypt.  Pirates believed Peridot would glow in the dark when treasure was close by.  Peridot was said to be a favourite gem of Cleopatra.

Symbolism & Healing Powers

Peridot is thought to protect against evil, dispel fears and jealousy and aid harmony in relationships.  When set in gold Peridot is thought to ward off night terrors and bad dreams.

Where it's Found

USA, Norway, Burma, Mexico, Kenya.

The worlds largest cut Peridot stone is 311.78 carats (62.35g) and was found on Zagbargad Island in Egypt and is now kept at the Smithsonian Museum in the USA.


1. Whenever possible put your Peridot jewellery on after applying any lotions, perfumes or sprays.

2. To prevent dullness clean your Peridot jewellery using jewellery cleaner or mild soap and warm water, scrub with a soft toothbrush, rinse in warm water and dry using a soft cloth.

NEVER use a steam cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner for Peridot jewellery, any extremes of heat could fracture the stone.