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Things that go bump in the night?

Halloween is almost upon us and we are immersed all things spooky! According to the book 'Haunted Chesterfield' by Carol Brindle, Chesterfield is quite the hot spot for ghost sightings and general spooky goings on, Stuart Bradley Jewellers is no exception and is one of the places which is mentioned in the book.

Our Burlington Street shop occupies two old Victorian buildings which we knocked into one around 2003, the right hand original side of our shop was formerly a shoe shop and former staff had reported arriving for work to find a shoe hovering in one of the windows a few inches above the shelf it should have been on. This was the window to the left of our doorway (see photos) our staff have in the past regularly found items that have inexplicably fallen from shelves in that very same window.

Our jewellery workshop is on the top floor (see photo) in the same side of the building, often tools that have been left out at closing time in a certain order were found to have been moved the next morning despite the worksop door having been locked all night.

I'm not a firm believer in ghosts myself, I've spent hours on the top floor of the shop in the room next to our workshop and have never had any strange experiences but its all good fun and the staff at the shop have affectionally named our ghost 'Charlotte'.

If you wish to learn more about our spooky goings on and Haunted Chesterfield in general you can find the book HERE.


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