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It's Valentine's, however you choose to do it!

So Valentine's day is almost upon us again, lately I have been thinking about

how different our celebrations are compared to a few years ago. Since the arrival of our two children dinner in a restaurant has been replaced with dinner at home as a family followed by a few drinks and a movie when they have gone to bed, it came as quite a shock to realise that I actually enjoy this more than going out!

I began to wonder how other people like to celebrate Valentine's so in our competition this month I asked our Facebook followers to tell us what they do, or would like to do on Valentine's day.

We had some fantastic replies and the results show that lots of people will be doing exactly as we do and celebrating as a family, and it looks like it's mostly by choice which is lovely! Walks on the beach came up a few times as did going out for a meal or having a take away. More unusual things were a padlock on a bridge and dinner on the no.71 bus. We also had some fantasy ones which involved white water rafting and an F1 Powerboat, who know maybe they will happen next year!

I think we all have our own personal way of celebrating and not to forget those who have to work or are away from their loved ones, one commenter will be having a Skype date with her partner in Egypt! At the time of writing this blog we hadn't had any comments from anyone who said they were single without children so I asked a few single friends and the comments ranged from going out with friends to ignoring the day alltogether.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to post a comment on our

Facebook page, I have posted a selection below but there were so many other lovely ones that I felt I needed to include the link to the competition post so you can read them all for yourselves.

CLICK HERE to read the rest.

Happy Valentine's day, however you choose to spend it!

Richard - enjoy a valentines meal on the number 71 bus we met on.

Jane-Louise - Me and my partner had an engraved padlock that we put on the bridge at Bakewell last year. We plan to visit it every year for valentines day. However, we don't have a anniversary so I put our twin daughters birthday on it as this was the day that changed our lives together as we created two little lives together. Long after we are gone our daughters and their daughters/sons can go to the bridge and see the padlock (as long as they don't take them down). As a memory to the impact our love had on creating life and valentines day is about expressing love so this includes the love for my children.

Sarah-Louise - We usually get the children tucked up in bed and have a nice takeaway or my husband will cook for me and we get cuddled up on the couch with a film!

Michelle - If me and my husband manage to get the same shift off (we work opposite shifts) we normally have a family day, we take the children to the pictures or bowling and then we all go out for a meal afterwards.

Catherine - I would love to spend valentines day on Barry Island beach ( South Wales ) dressed up warm, eating a bag of hot chips. Then go home have a hot shower a nice big mug of hot chocolate. My hubby thinks i'm nuts lol xx

Krysta - I would love to do white water rafting or a red letter day of some sort! always wanted to do one so what better time than valentines, we wont be able to this year though as hubbys working away xx

Amy - Me and my boyfriend always try and do something thats means something. Doesn't have to be on Valentines Day either. Last year my boyfriend planned a trip to Southport which included a new skateboard , a trip to the Great British Lawnmower museum and the best tapas ever.

Andrea - As am a single mammy divorced 6yrs. i make valentines day my 2 boys day and bake them a lovely cake and give them a small gift that i made or painted.


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