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Featured Product - Willow Tree

Willow Tree is a hugely popular range of Figurines, Plaques, Hanging Ornaments and Decorative Books. A perfect gift for any occasion and highly collectible, we think it is the ideal gift for Mother’s Day. They are beautiful stand alone figures or a piece can be purchased and then added to for years to come with other pieces to create personalised family groups.

Susan is quoted by Enesco as saying that ‘each piece is a way of conveying an emotion.’ These emotions are very clearly shown within the piece itself and by the name given to each individual one, many of the figures also have an item to represent human qualities, for example Flowers for Beauty or Birds for Healing.

It would be hard not to find something in the Willow Tree range to suit any sentiment or occasion, each one being personal to the person purchasing or receiving as a gift. With Mother’s Day just around the corner here we have pictured just a few items from our Willow Tree stock which we think are perfect for the occasion, click here to see our Pinterest board or call in to see more of the range.


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