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5 Reasons Vintage Will Never Get Old

In recent years, it seems increasingly difficult to escape the word 'vintage'. This post discusses what vintage actually means, and why we love it so much in todays society.


What is Vintage?

Originally, the term was used in the winemaking world to describe a particular age of wine. However, time changes our percetion of what words really mean..

The Oxford Dictionary defines it is as 'something from the past of high quality', while The Urban Dictionary defines it as 'an excuse to jack up the price of old crap by 500%'. Nowdays, the reality is probably somewhere in between the two. The word is generally used as an umbrella term to describe things that are too old to be called modern and too young to be called antique.

Why Buy Vintage?

Everybody knows that fashion trends are on a constant cycle, as people always look to the past for inspiration. But there are so many more factors contributing to its boom in popularity in recent years, here's my top 5 reasons from a jewellers point of view.

1. Nostalgia

Every vintage piece has its own story, steeped in mystery. It's almost like we're buying a piece of history. Although we might not know where it came from, it's always satisfying giving something old a new lease of life.

2. Uniqueness

Much of the attraction is having something that no-one else has. In a world where everything is mass-produced, it's tough finding one-of-a-kind products. There are so many beautiful feautures and flourishes of vintage jewellery as each era has its own defining style.

3. Quality

Things of the past were almost always hand-crafted, with a lot of care and attention to detail, which rarely happens in modern times. For example, contemporary jewellery is ussually mass-produced and gemstones are heat treated to improve their looks.

4. Value

Something we all look for when spending our hard earned pennies. Everybody loves a bargain, especially suffering the recent impact of the recession. Second hand goods are tax free, so just by purchasing a second-hand piece of jewellery you'll instantly save 20%.

5. Investment

With confidence in the economy and the banking systems at an all-time low, people are looking for new ways of protecting their money. There is only a limited amount of precious metals and stones in the world; some pieces get lost, damaged or even discarded, which is why jewelley is fast becoming an attractive investment.

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