October - Opal


The perfect gift for anyone born during October and for 34th wedding anniversaries.  Opals can be worn by anyone but are especially suited to those with a warm skin tone, the rainbow of colours found in an Opal means it suits most hair and eye colours and can be matched to any colour clothing.

Opal looks stunning set with Yellow or Rose Gold and White metals.


Opal can be found in a range of colours, the most common being the White Opal which contains a rainbow of colours when the stone is moved around, this is due to the way that microscopic spheres in the stone diffract the light.


Opal is derived from the Latin word Opalus, meaning precious stone, they were highly prized by the ancient Romans. 

Symbolism & Healing Powers

Opals are said to promote happiness, love and romance, grant wishes, and protect the wearer from disease.  In medieval times it was believed that opals could make the wearer invisible and would banish evil spirits.

Where it's Found

Australia, Mexico and USA. 

The largest example, the 'Olympic Australis Opal' was found in Australia in 1956 and is named after the Olympic Games which were taking place in Australia at the time it was found.  Weighing 17,000 carats (3450 grams) and measuring 11 inches (280mm) long it is thought to be worth over $250 million Australian dollars. 


1. Whenever possible put your Opal jewellery on after applying any lotions, perfumes or sprays and remove when doing the dishes or other tough jobs such as gardening.

2. Clean your Opal jewellery using mild soap and warm water, scrub gently with a soft toothbrush, rinse in warm water and dry using a soft cloth.  

Do not use jewellery cleaner or sonic cleaners on Opals as they can damage the stone.